We are trying, like anyone else, to climb our own mountains and find our dreams. We began about 25 years ago as a young couple in love, Dave and Julie. We met on our LDS missions in Argentina and when we came home, we fell in love and decided to be lifetime friends and lovers. We were married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple and it has been a Happily Ever After (after making-up hundreds of times, of course).

Dave graduated from BYU in Family Science in 1992 and landed a job, not in Family Therapy, but as a Seminary Teacher in Burley Idaho. We lived there for about 20 years before moving across the river and the freeway into Heyburn and continued to live there 2 more years. In the meantime, David studied hard and received a Masters in Educational Technology and Leadership from George Washington University.

Just this last March (2015) Dave accepted a change in position to teach College-age adults at the Taylorsville Institute. He is “excited and scared” as the Sondheim lyrics go. We have purchased an older home along the Wasatch Front and look forward to our new chapter and adventure.

Four of our children have flown the coop. Our oldest is Emily, who left first to study at George Wythe University, in Cedar City and who married handsome, Isaac. They have precious daughter, Mary and darling son, William with little baby David Charles on the way. Our oldest and only son, Andrew, served a mission in Mozambique Africa and within a year met and proposed to wonderful and talented Megan. They will be married in September 2015. He is attending BYU-I and Megan is at CSI. Our next two daughters, Elissa and Erica, are awaiting their departure to their separate and exciting missions. Elissa will be serving in Bolivia, Santa Cruz and Erica in Georgia, Atlanta (Spanish speaking). They both leave in June and return in December. What a joy to see their excitement! They have both been in college–Elissa at SVU for two years (with a sabbatical in France for a year) and Erica at BYU-I this past year. Our last two daughters, Edie and Hannah still live with us, thankfully. They have decided to wait until they are of age before “running away”.

We are having fun learning how to educate ourselves in our homeschool environment. Life is amazing and so are the books we read and the bugs we observe. Our lifestyle has been living out on farmland, but now we look forward to living on the side of the mountain. We love to read, hike, explore and bike.

My friend, Shelley, has inspired me to start a family portfolio. At first I asked myself why I would want one and I came to the conclusion that even though we do a lot of learning in our home, most of it is self-directed and sometimes it looks so haphazard and random that I thought it would be a great idea to keep track of the things we learn. This portfolio is an attempt to capture the amazing things we are doing and learning.

If you are here visiting, it is because I gave you permission. I am so glad you are here and I hope that this blog inspires you in some way. I would love to see your comments anytime you like something or if something made you think some remarkable thoughts. Let us know what you think and give us suggestions.